Modular audio platform

A while ago we started the development of a modular open source audio platform. We want to enable everyone to create and customize their own audio product, where no knowledge about electronics should be required by the end user. The platform consists of several Modules that can be simply put together by the end user into all sorts of audio products (surround systems, wireless speakers, guitar pedal boards, etc.). The modules for this platform can either be developed by us, by other companies, but also by the more technical end user.

At the moment we are looking for partners that support this idea. By working together we can develop a platform supporting different interfaces (imagine clicking a phone screen designed for project Ara on your stereo to control it!). We already partnered up with Phonebloks and we are in touch with several other companies.

More updates will follow soon. Feel free to contact us, we are open to any questions or suggestions.


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