Intern at Audio Modules

We are happy to welcome Elsa Adema to be our first intern at Audio Modules! Elsa is a student Industrial Design at the University of Twente, she will be working on her bachelor thesis at Audio Modules.

Elsa is going to design a general interface for the different audio modules in our new audio platform. This interface provides the possibility to easily connect the modules to each other. The modules will need to be connected electrically (e.g. a plug) and physically (e.g. a housing). Developers should be able to design new modules more easily since connections are standardized. The end-users will be able to create their personal audio products using the modules, without having to worry about mechanical and electrical properties.

A set of design guidelines for the design of new modules are to be created, such that developers from both Audio Modules and from the community can develop suitable modules. Examples of modules that should be able to connect through this interface are a Bluetooth module, a power source module, an amplifier, an instrument effects module and a module that allows control of the music by buttons.


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