Audio Modules update – December 2015

It’s been awfully quiet lately on the Audio Modules website. That doesn’t mean that nothing has happened in the mean time and therefore we present this news update! The last months we have worked out lots of technical specifications and details, thought about a long term plan and how we would get our product to the market.

Cooperation with the University of Twente

We have worked together with two different groups of students from the University of Twente. It was really nice to have these enthusiastic students on board and we have learned a lot from it!


The first group of students were from the academic minor program innovation and entrepreneurship. Together with these entrepreneurial students we worked out a businessplan. This gave insight in our value proposition and made us think about the long term vision.

Currently Audio Modules is participating in the ENT-lab project. A group of International Business Administration students are working on an in-depth market research and segmentation. We are looking forward to the outcomes in January!

So what now?

Right now we have to be realistic. We need a larger team and financial investors to successfully launch Toren and take the first modules to the market. As Audio Modules requires more and more time as well as our almost finished studies we have to make a choice. Doing both is not an option any longer. We decided we should finish our studies first before continuing with Toren. This means that Audio Modules activities will be low in the coming months.

In the news

Some things that I don’t want to leave out of this December update are a few articles that were written about us (in Dutch). A big thanks to the authors!



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