Audio Modules

At Audio Modules we develop modular audio products. Our goal is to make modular audio accessible for everyone. Currently we are developing a modular open source audio platform. Modules for this platform can simply be combined into all sorts of audio products (surround systems, wireless speakers, guitar pedal boards, etc.). No knowledge about electronics whatsoever is required to build your audio system.

About us

We are Dirk-Jan van de Sanden, Rens ten Klooster and Elsa Adema, three ambitious students from the University of Twente. We started this company because we believe that a movement towards modular electronic devices is a big step towards a more sustainable world.

Rens ten Klooster
Co-founder, industrial designer, financial management

Dirk-Jan van de Sanden
Co-founder, electrical engineer, external relations

Elsa Adema

Modular casing designer

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