Nobody has the same wishes. Use modulair audio to build your own radio


Your wishes changed? Don't buy a new radio.. just give it a small upgrade


No need to throw away an audio system that just doesn't work good enough


Toren is an open source modular audio platform. Toren allows you to create an audio product by clicking together a set of modules. No wires; just plug and play!


Everyone has different preferences. Our modular design allows you to choose the functionality you want. Compose a product that meets your personal wishes.


An amplifier has a lifecycle of perhaps a decade, Bluetooth gets outdated within a year or maybe a new type of music transfer appears. Using Toren you can add or replace features whenever you want.


Thanks to the modularity of our platform it's possible to keep up with technology that evolves rapidly while electronic waste is reduced.

Choose your TOREN product

  • At Audio Modules we're currently designing the first set of modules together with our partners. More information about these modules will follow soon!


    Wireless radio

    Bring your music along when chilling in the parc, the beach or just in your garden.

    Bluetooth adapter

    Extend your current home audio system with bluetooth and enjoy your music wirelessly.

    custom product

    Compose your own audio system in advanced mode.

    Road map

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    The Toren platform is open source, so feel free to further develop ideas into conceptual modules or even into whole products! Maybe we can produce your ideas together!

    Partners and Supporters

    As a company you can join us. We welcome every other company that shares our vision about modular audio.